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Code of Conduct

As a member of the Piranhas Swim Team, I understand and will comply with the guidelines as set forth by the Team.  The intent of these guidelines is to ensure that the behavior of each athlete is consistent with the team policies during meets and practices.

  • Team members will refrain from any illegal or inappropriate behavior which would detract from a positive image of the Piranhas Swim Team.

  • Team members will display proper respect and sportsmanship toward coaches, officials, administrators, fellow athletes, competitors and the public.

  • Team members will attend all team functions including meetings, warm-ups, competitions and practices unless otherwise excused by the Head Coach.

  • Team members accept responsibility for any losses or damages to accommodations, facilities, or property for the duration of the meet or practice. Financial responsibility for loss or damages belongs to Team members and/or their parents or guardian.

  • The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco products or any controlled substances by any Piranhas Swim Team member is prohibited.

  • Any form of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment is strictly prohibited by the Piranhas Swim Team.

  • Team members shall adhere to any additional guidelines established by the head coach, meet director or safety marshal for a particular meet or practice.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct set forth may result in disciplinary actions, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Dismissal from the team and immediate return home at the expense of parent or guardian.

  • Disqualification from one or more competition events.

  • Suspension from further team activities for a specified duration.

  • Disqualification from current and/or future meets.

The Piranhas Swim Team has a zero-tolerance policy for the following team member’s infractions, which may result in dismissal from the Team and immediate return home at the expense of parent or guardian.

The infractions include, but are not limited to:

  • the possession or use of alcohol, tobacco products, controlled substances,

  • any form of sexual misconduct.

It is anticipated that all involved will have a positive experience. For the safety of the swimmers, rule violations will be dealt with in a very direct manner. The very best is expected from all Piranhas Swim Team participants at all times.

I understand that I represent the Piranhas Swim Team and that any inappropriate behavior by its team members will not be tolerated. I have read and do hereby agree to and will abide by this Piranhas Swim Team Code of Conduct as stated above.

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