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Piranha FAQ's

Does my child have to practice with his/her age group?

Are parents required to volunteer?
Yes.  For each Piranha swimmer the team needs an adult to volunteer for ONE job at a swim meet sometime during the season.

What will happen if I do not volunteer?
If you do not fulfill your volunteer obligation or find a replacement to work your job for you, your child will not be allowed to swim.

Is West University Piranhas as a highly competitive swim team?
No. The Piranhas is a summer recreational swim team which provides an introduction to competitive swimming to qualifying children from the West University Place and surrounding neighborhoods.

Where does the team swim?
The Piranhas practice at the West University Recreation Center. The Piranhas belong to the Southwest Aquatic Swim League, and they swim against the other neighborhood teams like Bellaire, Willow, Southwest United/Southside.  Our home meets are at the West U. Recreation Center pool.  Away meets will be held at other area pools.  The Piranhas do not travel outside of the Houston area.

How old must my child be to participate on the Piranhas?
Each swimmer must be 5 years old by June 1st.

How is the competition age determined for the Piranhas?
The competition age group for the entire season is the swimmer’s age on June 1st.

If my child was on the team last year, do they need to try out again this year?

If my child was NOT on the team last year, what is necessary to get them on the team?
All new swimmers age 5 - 10, must attend one of the tryouts and meet the  time standard for their age group. The Time Standards are published here.

What if my child participates on a year round USS swim team?
Year-round swimmers are welcome.  USS swimmers may be asked to compete in a higher age group by the Piranha's Head Coach.

When does swim practice start?
Swim practice will begin May 16th.  For specific practice times please see the practice tab at the top of the home page for age group practice times and locations.

When are the dual meets?
Please see the calendar for the list of meet dates.  Each year the swim league meets to determine meet dates.  Meet dates are published on the events calendar at the beginning of each season.

When are the preliminaries and finals held?
The preliminaries are divided into two age levels and are held on two separate nights. All age groups attend finals together. The top 6 swimmers in each event at preliminaries will compete in the finals.  In addition, there are consolation finals for the children in the 5-10 age group that place 7-12 in preliminaries.  Swimmers must participate in at least one dual meet to be eligible to swim in the preliminaries and finals.

What is your refund policy?
No refunds will be offered after completing registration, except in the event where a new swimmer age 5 - 10 does not meet the team’s qualifying time standards.  In that circumstance, a refund will be issued.

What if we miss the team swim suit sale?
You may go to the team suit vendor, Texas Swim Shop, to purchase the team suit.

What does my child need to bring to swim practice?
Ten minutes prior to the start of practice, all swimmers should be at the pool wearing a swim suit.  Swimmers may bring goggles, swim caps, flip flops, and towels.  Any swim suit is acceptable for practice; but, avoid baggy trunks and bikinis.  Please be sure to label all of your child’s belongings with his/her name!

Do we have practice if it rains?
Practice at the West U Recreation Center will typically continue even if it is raining.  The guidelines and policies of the Recreation Center will govern.  In the event practice is canceled due to inclement weather, an e-mail will be sent to you at the e-mail you have provided in the registration process.  Also, the website will be updated.  The best way to find out if practice has been canceled is to check the website and your email inbox 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event.  If there is no message in either place, you should assume that we are swimming.

What if my child can’t make it to every practice and/or meet?
Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices and meets as possible.  We do not accept anyone on the team for practices purposes only.  Remember, the more exposure the swimmers have to the water, the more benefit they will gain from their participation on the team. Swimmers must be declared for a meet 2 days prior to the meet in order to swim!  Declare for meets but RSVPing through the website.

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